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Annual giving with an affordable minimum
Reverend Dr. David Block

The Reverend Dr. David L. Block was the driving force to rally support within the Omaha LC-MS community to establish the West Omaha Lutheran School Association (WOLSA), now known as Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha. In addition, he was instrumental in securing the initial funding to launch the organization. He served as Board President and worked tirelessly to keep the Association moving forward through its early growth. Rev. Dr. Block is highly respected and loved by the Omaha community. By allowing the giving society to be his namesake, Rev. Dr. Block defines the example to which potential members of the Block Leadership Society can aspire.

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How does the Block Leadership Society work?

The Block Leadership Society is comprised of friends of Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha who commit to providing a minimum of $1,500 of non-designated gifts annually to the Concordia Omaha Fund. These individuals and families are leaders and stewards of Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha's mission to equip students to be faith secure, world ready, kingdom leaders.

Gifts provided through the Block Leadership Society are used where most needed, as Concordia seeks to provide the best educational and faith-building experience possible for students-for academics, spiritual growth, scholarships, technology, and campus improvements-so you can see your dollars at work in meaningful ways almost immediately.

Every gift is encouraged no matter how large or small!

Regardless of your situation, we are asking everyone to step forward and be counted with a gift to the Block Society Fund in an amount comparable to how the Lord has blessed you. No gift is too large or too small. And none of us can ever outgive the giver, Jesus Christ.

At Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha, students and families are wrapped in a support system unlike any other. Students receive a gospel-infused education from teachers who are trained to support them in their academics and faith development. Students have regular opportunities for service that help them develop leadership skills. And families are invited into a community that welcomes and empowers them to live faith-centered lives.

Rev. Dr. Block understood the importance of raising up our children to love the Lord. Today, Concordia calls upon its alumni and friends to do the same.

For more information, please contact:
Rob Cooksey   402-455-4000

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